Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review -- The Crooner by Rida Allen

The Crooner by Rida Allen
Book 1 in the Bandmates series

Rida Allen brings us the first in a new series with her novel The Crooner and it definitely does not disappoint. In fact I can't wait to read the next one up. This is a truly grown-up romance for the real world. I love curvy leading ladies and this one has an interesting full-figured heroine. I loved Ms. Allen's characters; they are authentic people with minor and major flaws and virtues. The story itself is totally believable because we all have vulnerabilities that can turn small misunderstandings into relationship crushing dilemmas. This is one that I will read over and over again.
A chance meeting with an old friend brings fledgling photographer Breeanne Tillen into the whirlwind that is the stimulating world of rock and roll. Nikolas Vincent is surrounded by his makeshift musical family but he remains lonesome. Two years ago Nik let the possible love of his life walk away because she was the BFF of his then girlfriend. When Bree comes back into his life he decides this time he'll let her know his true feelings. Can these two hit the right notes and move beyond the past into a bright, melodic future?

Life in a rock band can be crazy, outrageous, busy...and lonely. After twelve years in the business, singer Nikolas Vincent knows firsthand that bandmates can become family, but they can't replace the one true love every person seeks. Nik thinks he might have found that love two years earlier, but the curvaceous woman in question had been the best friend to his then girlfriend. And a smart man knows that coming between two best friends is a big no-no. Now, through the hands of fate, the possible love of Nik's life is back, and he vows not to let her go again. Will Nik's love song strike the right chord?

A life-altering event moves Breeanne Tillen to quit her job and pursue a new career. She's learning quickly that pictures can be worth a thousand words, but she's not convinced her pictures are worth even a hundred yet. So when a surprise meeting with an old acquaintance--and onetime crush-- tumbles Bree into the exciting world of rock 'n roll, she has no idea how much her life can change. New opportunities push her photography career forward, while an old crush turns into a new love and an old friend turns into a new enemy. Can Bree move beyond her painful past and have that picture-perfect future with the crooner?

4.5 out of 5

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