Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Review -- The Trouble With Tessa by Lainey Bancroft

The Trouble With Tessa by Lainey Bancroft

I loved this poignant contemporary romance. As cheesy as it may sound, this book really did warm my heart! I love a good cry as long as I get my happily-ever-after and I got that and so much more with this tale. Erin Sanders is a thirty-five-year-old therapist who has resigned herself to her single and childless life. Her dominant personality lets her help others with their problems, while ignoring her own which stem mainly from being unable to let go of some past bad choices. Tanner is a controlling man who does the things he does for what he feels are the right reasons. He would like Erin to assess his orphaned niece. However he'd prefer that Tessa not know it, so Tanner suggests Erin "date" him. Erin finds herself falling hard for the delightful teenager and her sexy uncle. Can she give up control for real love and embrace all its joys and heartbreaks? The key to the success of this story was the fabulous characters as they pulled off a rather soap-operaish plot. Every time you thought all obstacles had been settled another one popped up. Their relationship seemed doomed with every revelation. Erin is constantly melting for Tanner but then trying to convince herself and anyone who will listen, that she is not in love. This hero is by no means perfect, but I think his flaws made him all the more appealing. This was such a realistic story that dealt with so many of the issues facing any one of us. Those emotional highs and lows including illness, pregnancy, prejudism and finances. Over all this story left me with the feeling that love can be unconditional, providing acceptance and forgiveness. This is definitely a story that I will find myself reading again and again and I highly recommend it.

At thirty-five, Erin Sanders has resigned herself to a single, childless lifestyle. Then dynamic Tanner walks into her office and proposes that she pretend to date him in order to assess the mental well-being of Tessa, his orphaned niece. Erin falls hard and fast for the man. As an added bonus, she and the delightful Tessa come to adore each other. But like all things too good to be true, she discovers her perfect stud may be a perfectly deceptive dud.

5 out of 5

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