Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Computer Woes and Sunny Skies

It is such a lovely day outside that I just want to grap a good book and soak it up. Usually I would just ignore the weather and motor on with all the things on my To Do List but it is hard today. I'm having computer issues that only money can solve. Technology is changing so fast that an old computer is basically a dinosaur. I paid good money for a fantastic MAC PowerBook Laptop installed tons of memory (my job involved huge graphics files) and even though I still have a solid computer all of my programs are outdated and I cannot update because of the operating system so the list of things I cannot do is so much longer than the list of things that I can. I have now been using a old vista IBM laptop, which is old but much newer than my MAC for internet and I am running into the same problems. Little tasks that should take minutes are taking all day.

I long for the day when writing meant simply picking up my pen and a piece of paper and getting busy but no, I am now logging in, freezing up, rebooting and starting the cycle all over again.

But I am determined to ignore nature's call and get at least one item removed from my list

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