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Meet Author Heaven Liegh Eldeen

Meet Author Heaven Liegh Eldeen

Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed as I'm sure your fans will enjoy learning a little bit more about you.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I currently live in California, where I grew up, with my husband and prince of darkness and Legos, (a.k.a. my son). I enjoy moonlit walks on the beach…oh, wait, wrong questionnaire. As you can see, I am a serious goofball. Yeah, figure that oxymoron out. Aside from writing, I spend my days doing dishes, kissing owies, obsessing over my Facebook page, and pretending I’m listening when my husband talk about his work. I’m getting really good at that.

If you are married we would love to know all about your first meeting with your spouse and was the magic there immediately?

BWAHAHA! I can tell you, the only magic around when I met my husband, was the disappearing act I pulled on him. It still gets me laughing. We were far from each other’s type with me at five-foot-eight, seventy-eight pounds (yes that is not a typo) and him at five-foot-six and one-hundred-eighty-five pounds. I like my men tall. He likes his women thick. He was looking for a one night stand and I was looking to get out for a night. But, after one well played date on my husband’s behalf, we clicked and couldn’t get enough of each other. Ten years later, we’re going stronger and harder than ever.

If you could date any character from any book, who would it be and why?

Heck, that’s easy, John Divad, without question. Of course, that is sort of cheating since I am married to one of the inspirations behind the character.

If you weren't writing romance, what would you be writing?

I would kill to be a true-crime novelist. They get the chance to look deep into the eye of a storm and tell everyone all about it.

What's the strangest inspiration you ever got for a story idea?

I wouldn’t say it’s the strangest, but definitely, one of my creepiest. One of my works in progress, Mesa Rising, came about after reading twisted accounts on safety coffins. That night, I had the worst dream I can remember to date. Waking up in a shivering sweat, I pounced to my computer. I knew if I didn’t write my nightmare down, it would haunt me.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Never…ever…ever…never give up. Every rejection letter is one step closer to an acceptance letter. And remember, your success can only be measure by what YOU put into the scales.

What is the secret to finding a balance between your family and your writing?

I am fortunate to be a stay-at-home mother and wife, so I get tons of time to write while my husband is at work and my son is at school. If I get an idea that I need to write while my husband and son are home, I just threaten them with meatloaf for dinner and they get out of my way. 

Have you ever had to start a book all over again after you are almost complete?

*shudders* Yes I have. I completely finished the second book in The Demon Side trilogy. In the middle of my revision process, I erased twenty-nine chapters. I cried the whole time I held the delete button down.

What character in your books do you relate to the most?

I relate to all of my characters. Each one has a piece of me in them. I’ve basically named the voices in my head and materialized them on paper. Rahovart is my Demon. Etta is my innocence. John is my strength and Rene is my ignorance.

If you could live in one of your stories for just one day which would it be and why?

Oh, I know! I know. Hands down, I would want to spend a day in my novel Vineyard House. It’s about shape shifters. Oh yeah. Who wouldn’t want to witness something so cool, in person?

What inspires you to write the stories you create?

I pull inspiration from everything around me, from the people I know, people I knew once, and from my life experiences with a little twist.

If you could switch bodies with someone for a day who would it be and why would you want to switch with them?

I would love to switch bodies with my son for one day. Imagine being able to wake up, wreaking havoc on the world and everyone saying ‘aww, he’s so adorable’. If I try, I get the cops called on me and people asking ‘where’d she get the goat?’

Do any of your fantasies every get put into a story?

I plead the fifth on all counts, as my answer may incriminate me.

If one of your books could be made into a movie, which one would it be and what actors would play the characters?

Ooh. I would love to see The Demon Side on the big screen. O yeah, Jason Momoa would be perfect to play Rahovart. Of course, I may just be saying that because I have a huge crush on him. Mmmmm, Jason Momoa. *snaps out of it* It would be awesome to see an unknown play Etta. For John, I think Sam Elliot would be incredible. *drift off to fantasy land for a moment* As for Rene, Sandra Bullock. Note: I was forced to say Sandra Bullock, by my husband because, he believes it would only be fair since, I got Jason Momoa.

What is more sexy to you in a person? The way they walk, the clothes they wear or the overall confidence they project? Or something else entirely?

Overall confidence, without a doubt!! It is the first thing that draws me to a man. I could care less what his eyes look like, his waist size or height, as long as he walks into a room as if he were a ten foot tall giant.

What is the draw of the genre your write in?

When I begin a story, I don’t think about what genre it fits into. I just type what my gut and soul tell me to. If I had to label my writing, it would mesh well with Fantasy Fiction, but who knows what my brain will come up with next.

What do you like to read? What do you look for in a good novel? Which genre are you personally drawn to?

I have so many! I read mostly true crime novels but dabble in a few other genres as well. If I narrowed the list down, I would have to say my favorites have to be Ann Rule, Harold Schechter, Katie Harper, Benjamin Russell, Tina Folsom, Ciar Cullen, Richelle Mead and Kelley Armstrong. I can go on and on, but I doubt you want me taking up that much time.

 What books/authors were your faves as a child and what characters stand out in your memory from them today?

There are only two books I remember from my child hood; Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey and The Maggie B. by Irene Haas. To this day I can recite the poem on the back of The Maggie B. verbatim. Why it’s stuck with me, I do not know.

What is your daily writing routine? Do you use mood music or candles? Do you need complete quiet to concentrate?

Quiet? Absolutely not! I cannot type a word without my IPod on full blast, to the point of permanently deafening me. If I don’t, I’ll over think everything and end up with five-hundred-eighty-two was’es, in a thousand word document.

Are you a plotter or a pantser? How do you create your characters and story line?

I write from the hip completely. I tried doing story boards, outlines and characters bibles, but I found with my style of writing, my characters didn’t quite develop the way I intended. So, I sit down and let my brain and fingers just run wild.

If you weren't an author, what do you think you would be doing instead?

I’d still be beating my vacuum, battling dust bunnies and wishing it were more eco-friendly to use paper plates every night. Ah, the joys of being a Domestic Engineer, a.k.a. Homemaker.

What do you hope readers take with them, after reading one of your stories? What do you hope they feel, or learn?

I want my readers to feel entertained, excited and anticipating what will happen next. If they can take anything with them, I hope it is happiness. Let’s face it; no one wants an angry reader. As for what they will learn, that will vary for each person. But, I do think they will all learn a little something special.

If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Mischievous, Silly, Perplexing

What song would best describe you/your life?

You’re asking me to choose between all of my babies? Currently on my play list, which comes the closest, would be ‘Written in the Stars’ by Tinie Tempah. I’m sure it will change next week. I go through drastic music phases.

If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?

I would get the heck out of California and move to Alaska, so I can check my mail naked.

Is there a place you have never been to that you always longed to go?

There are two places I want to go too so bad; Russia and Germany. They have such gorgeous men, oops, I mean vistas, there.

Any exciting upcoming news you'd like to share?

I am currently celebrating the E-book release of The Demon Side! I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! Oh wait…that’s plagiarism.

Where can fans get more information? Do you have a website? Any social networks that you belong to? Blogs? Etc. Email where fans can reach you?

HA! I am such an internet addict. Wrap the mouse cord around my arm and click for a vein! I have tons of websites to share with you.

Thank you again for answering my many, many questions. I hope you had fun. Is there anything you'd like to add?

Thank you so much to you and your readers for having me today. I really am an internet addict, so please feel free to email, message and add me.

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