Monday, April 16, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday

Welcome to my very first Tantalizing Tuesday!
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I cheated a little and used my six sentence sunday as a launch pad for this because when I saw this picture I just had to go with it.

And now for this week's 200 words and the picture that inspired them:

Jack knew she wasn’t doing it on purpose and perhaps that’s what made her even more irresistible. Honestly, her ass was calling to him in those neon hot pants. He tried to ignore her delectable body and remember the look on her face when he’d presented her with the streetwalker outfit. Her revulsion had been so amusing it had taken all his willpower not to laugh. Thing is his willpower was working overtime ever since she walked into his office all fired-up. His self-control was taking a beating and damn it but he’d never been happier.

He wished he’d never gotten a glance of her wearing those sexy underwear. The image was burned into his mind and his body was reacting to the vision seared there. He’d seen the women on the streets dressed in similar outfits almost daily in his pursuit of bail jumpers and felons but it had never had this affect on him. He once again shifter positions and hoped that his ever hardening erection wouldn’t reveal that he wasn’t really what he appeared to be. He tried not to groan again but figured what the heck, a homeless man talking to himself would not be remarkable.


Bonni S. said...

I can't blame him for wanting her in those panties. She has one smoking hot bod. He's right though a homeless man could talk to himself and go unnoticed. Great TTT.

gemma parkes said...

Great to look inside his mind and understand the struggle therein. poor guy, sad that he's homeless.
Great tt.

bluwaterprincezz said...

Wonderful story and perfect picture the two blend together...

Naomi said...

A real teaser honey, well done. That's a really hot pic and the image would be burned on most men's minds. Looking forward to your next teaser :)

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

Pretty damn good! It shows a man's POV, and I have a feeling he will be having sleepless nights about her body. Excellent Tx3

Davee said...

Wow!! what a great undercover blog. Loved the imagery and the unique take of the photo! Awesome Blog.

Jp Archer said...

GREAT! But, I tell ya, If he's pretending to be a homeless guy, he could jerk off in the street right there and not a lot of folks would bat an eye, at least night in the wrong (or right) parts of town. Awesome TTT. I love your stuff and Dad the Bounty Hunter is becoming something I am becoming eager to read.