Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday

Welcome to this week's Tantalizing Tuesday where we pick any picture that captures our fancy and write no more and no less than 200 words!

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“I’m getting married this summer.”

My first reaction had been to laugh like everyone else when my great aunt Gertrude made her announcement. The happiness in her faded eyes stopped me. For as long as I could remember my father’s aunt had been old and I always liked her. She was kind to me and I often wondered why she hadn’t married as she loved children. I don’t know if I’d heard the older relatives talking once or if I’d let my imagination run away with me but I’d convinced myself her true love had tragically died in the war and she had never gotten over him. It came as a surprise when I discovered her long ago lover had never died. The reason she never married was because her fiancĂ© hadn’t been good enough for her father. So this kind and loving woman had let her chance for a happy family pass her by.

I found her dementia heart breaking not amusing so over the next few weeks I spent as much time as I could with Aunt Trudie learning all I could about her long lost love. In her lucid moments she shared all the details with me.


Muffy Wilson said...

Venus, that is heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. Unrequited love has a second chance. Oh, to be so happily emmersed in our yesterday's today. Could there really be a better ending? Extraordinary:) xo

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

Wow, I actually got lost into your work Venus. I really liked it! Keep up the good work -- it's really good!

Don Abdul said...

A very touching story.

gemma parkes said...

Aw, we let so many people interfere with our chances of happiness. Guilt and fear can stop us from fulfillig our dreams. Poignant teaser Venus.

diannehartsock said...

Beautifully written and heartbreaking! Stupid father... I'm so glad she has someone to be kind to her at the end.

Angelica Dawson said...

Definitely a tease. Poor Aunt Trudie. I hope she finds happiness even if only in her mind.

vampiremorbius said...

Beautifully written yet heartwrenching. Perfect

Naomi said...

Beautiful, happy and sad at the same time. Maybe in her mind she's happy

Havan said...

I seriously hope her father understood what his meddling did to his daughter. He's an shite head that ruined two lives...on the flip side *blushes* great TT Venus! :)

Author Cyril J. Michael said...


Leann Mitchell said...

Ouch. How heartbreaking and what a good niece not to laugh at her aunt. Dementia is no laughing matter. Poor lady. Great teaser!

Benjamin Tiberius Russell said...

Oh wow, that last paragraph stopped me in my tracks. I was following along, or at least I thought I knew we were going until that last paragraph and then - pow, it hit me. Damn, poor Aunt Trudie.

I have family members suffering from dementia and it is heart breaking to watch, but sometimes I think they're happier than the rest of us. *Deep, deep sigh*

Venus, very good.

Bonni S. said...

How sad! Great post as always.