Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Meet Author Ashley Nemer!

I think one of the best things about being a writer is the fact that all my friends are also writers! So now, when I get hooked on a character or a series I can get sneak peeks into their world before it comes out to the mass populous. It’s a great experience. Here are a few examples.


My ‘book boyfriend’ (as my friend Tev calls him) is Tanerk Raka. He is the King of all Evil, made from the evil Egyptian god in the Blood Myth series by Stacy Moran. This hasn’t even hit the market yet. However he will forever be my new and always favorite man in romances. He is everything you could ever want in a character, good or bad. He is pure alpha, hard to his core and sensual as all get out. His hot, powerful and demanding. He takes what he wants and doesn’t care who he walks over. He’s perfect. And yes…I do have an idea of what will happen to him (sort of) in book two because his creator, Stacy Moran, is my best friend and Co-Author of a few projects I have going on.


Another example is the current book I’m reading. I read this fantastic book, The Mercenary, by Johanna Rae last fall. Hands down, one of the best shifter books I’ve ever read and THE best shifter book of 2012. I read it in twenty-four hours. I haven’t read a book like that in years. LOVED IT. Well last week I was having a bad day and JoJo offered me her manuscript of book two to read to make me feel better … Like I was gonna say no. So what did I start reading late last night … Yup and let me just say, Jodie and Danny Sighs. Yeah … I just love having author friends.


Then there is the big D. Dragos. Some people have said my Nikole Kadin is the female version of this monster of a male. I always take that as a complement. Dragos Cruentus is a phenomenal male. Amazing to read. But right now he is strictly in role play. Do you know his history, his story, his family? No? Well I do. L.S. Broomfield, his creator has written the first installment of Dragos’s life, his parents. Cruentus: Rise to Power has just been accepted by a publisher and soon will be out for everyone to see. I had the pleasure of being there with Lisa as she wrote this amazing world of magic and power, demons and warlocks, but most importantly, I know how Dragos got his start. I know … And it’s a doozy.


Yes, I love being an author, I love having author friends. It’s one of the greatest joys out there. Being able to share each other’s gifts at any point in time gives me one of the biggest smiles. I love when I post a new chapter to my Beta readers and their responses. Especially when they love something I have written. That affirmation and enjoyment is exactly what I need to keep moving forward. To keep the cause going, so to speak.


Now, if I just had more time in the day to write, read and play. Then life would be perfect!

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