Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review -- Your Heart My Soul by Daisy Banks

Title: Your Heart My Soul

Author: Daisy Banks

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Published March 2013 by Liquid Silver Books

more details...ISBN: 9781931761

Length: 126 Pages

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


About the book:

Two sets of lovers, one on this plane, one on another, fight their way out of chaos to find love in this haunting romance from Daisy Banks. Find out what happens when love refuses to die, even when the lovers do.

Does love last beyond death? The ghost of Sally Addleforth has no doubt. But shamed and disfigured by her murderer, her spirit lingers, hidden from the patient soul of her man, William Reliance Smith.

Libby Chesterton is an American in England, and she’d rather go home than face the problems her British inheritance has created. Her dilapidated store, with its frightful contents, proves more trouble than it may be worth.

Gareth Saunders, antiques expert and psychic, catches a bout of Lancelot fever as he helps his adorable client with the store and the spiritual possession threatening to overwhelm her. Wedding bells will ring—one way or another.

From the very first words I was drawn into an enchanted story; the almost poetical beauty of the words hooked my attention and the fabulous storyline kept me turning pages. I loved how so many different things popped up and surprised me at every turn yet flowed effortlessly. I can honestly say as a North American I’ve often dreamed of a long lost relative leaving me property in England so I loved the premise of this story. Libby and Gareth are both such practical people in the face of such mythical occurrences and yet they both easily embrace the supernatural with an aplomb that is refreshing in its sincerity. I enjoy stories where I feel as if I really get to know the hero and heroine and with this story I got to meet and become familiar with two appealing couples. I loved the sense of history that accompanied this story. The broad appeal to the mixture of the themes is sure to please everyone as there is romance, history, a ghost story and antiques. It’s a delightful bundle and a fabulous way to enjoy a fresh summer day or cold winter night. The details were fascinating but didn’t weigh the story down. This is my first story by this gifted author but if it is any indication of her other works it will definitely not be my last. I enjoyed her writing style and look forward to seeing if I find her other stories as magical.

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