Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Review -- Heart Melter by Sophia Knightly

Title: Heart Melter

Author: Sophia Knightly

Genre: Contemporary


Published November 2013

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

About the book:

He was her fiercest protector...and her heart's captor.

Scottish surgeon, Dr. Ian MacGregor, has no desire to see his ex-fiancée again. But when the dazzling Broadway star lands in his office wounded, the healer in Ian can't turn her away.

Natasha White has no idea why anyone would knife her on a crowded street in Times Square. At first she thinks the cut on her thigh is an accident, but as frightening events unravel, she learns the mob is after an incriminating flash drive and will stop at nothing to reclaim it. She's grateful when Ian whisks her away to his castle in the Highlands, far from the mob.

Irresistibly drawn to her, Ian tries to deny the sexy sparks that ignite as he becomes her fierce protector. Their hot chemistry deepens into strong feelings as they dodge impending danger, and he fights to keep her safe. Ian will do anything to guard Natasha, but will their love be strong enough to survive the shocking secrets revealed?

I love Scottish men and Ian is a definite hottie Highlander. He is the ultimate Alpha male and protector so it is no surprise when Tasha is in trouble he will stop at nothing to protect her. He seems like a hard man but he is a man who has been hurt so his actions and manners are justifiable. Natasha is a complex heroine who I couldn’t help cheer for. After getting to know her friend in the first story I knew that I would instantly bond with the other girls from camp but I was surprised at how fast I became invested in her life. I loved Ian’s aunt and uncle and completely lost my heart to wee Arthur. And as a animal lover I cannot resist when genuine pet affection is displayed in the pages of a book. This story had everything you could want in a story, action romance and a fabulous setting. I was lucky enough to visit many of the places in this book and I was transported back to my trip as if it were yesterday. Sophia has a wonderful storytelling talent, transporting the reader to the time and place she describe, her characters quickly become friends and family and this book proved just how skillfully she is. I would highly recommend this to any and every romance fan as it is simply a wonderful love story.




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