Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Review -- Love Charms – A Paranormal Romance Boxed Set

Title: Love Charms – A Paranormal Romance Boxed Set

Author: Ava Catori, Selena Kitt, Cerys du Lys, Deanna Roy, Charisma M. Cole , J.E. & M. Keep, Eve Langlais, Michelle McCleod, Ty Nolan, Shirl Anders
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4.5 stars

About the book:

Blinded by Magic: A Witch Romance by Ava Catori: Raven's weakness is mortal men.She’s fallen hard for Derek. There’s just one problem, he doesn’t know she’s a witch. Can he
accept her truth or will their relationship crumble?
Blind Date by Selena Kitt: Selena Kitt’s Blind Date ventures into the strange and surreal
realm of magical realism in a hot Valentine’s Day romance that takes on the classic Greek myth
of Eros and Psyche.
Breathless by Cerys du Lys: Sadie and Evan live in different worlds. Brought together
by fate, and held there by hope, can they bridge the gap dividing humanity, or will long held
fears and prejudice force them apart forever?
The Passion Cure by Deanna Roy: Jet is a Nix, an outcast enchantress with zero power.
To conjure a love spell to save her family, she seduces a handsome enchanter who is willing to
break the rules, and possibly, her heart.
Marked by Charisma M. Cole: Jade Murray is a witch that can communicate with the
dead. After a summoning goes awry, two murders rock the human and supernatural world. One
thing connects the gruesome acts: Jade.
The Warlord's Concubine by J.E. & M. Keep: As a servant to the princess for much of
her life, Mirella sees the conquest of the land as an opportunity to elevate herself.
A Demon and His Witch by Eve Langlais: Remy’s seen a lot during his tenure in
Lucifer’s guard, but nothing can prepare him for the witch with the acerbic tongue--and
voluptuous figure. Can he convince her to love him and not kill him?
Psychic Appeal by Michelle McCleod: Psychic Sofia Parker has fallen in love, a
problem because her new relationship drives the lovesick ghost of her ex-boyfriend to come back
from the dead...anyway he can.
Memoir of a Reluctant Shaman by Ty Nolan: When his love spell goes wrong, our hero
is exiled to be fully initiated as a Shaman in this spicy tale of New Orleans Voodoo and Native
American magic.
Vampire Lords of Blacknall: Trinity by Shirl Anders: Only a creature of the night can
save her. Lady Beth Winslow never stays home at night. She fears her stepbrother. Then a
monster stalks her in the dark woods and she cannot tell beast from savior

Well this set definitely doesn't disappoint! Most of these authors are new to me and I always love discovering new favourites. Eve Langlais is already firmly ensconced on my must read list and her story will tell you why in very short order. I enjoyed Ava Catori's story, she has a fun and carefree style that keeps me happy while reading. I was also drawn to Deanna Roy's story because I love outcasts! With such a variety of characters everyone is sure to find one or more they will love how can you not find a favourite among the mixture of ghosts, fairies, dragons, witches, and warlocks? For anyone who loves a little magic with their romances this is a great choice and a fabulous value to boot!

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