Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Review -- Honeybun on the Run by Sam Cheever

Title: Honeybun on the Run
Author: Sam Cheever
Published: July 29th 2014
Publisher: Smashwords Edition
ISBN: 9781311219145

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

About the book:
She’s fighting to protect everything she cares about. He can’t resist a damsel in distress. But he has no idea how high the cost will be if they fail. 
Clovis Honeybun is working undercover to catch an assassin targeting his uncle, Senator Brick Honeybun. But his search is waylaid when he spots a pretty woman being mistreated by a guy who looks a lot like his target. Going rogue on a dangerous hunch, Clovis plunges down a trail that might be the right direction but the wrong bad guy. Ultimately, Clovis discovers he could have to choose between saving the woman burrowing her way into his heart, or a man he’s loved and respected since he was old enough to crawl. 

Sam Cheever has done it again! She continues to outdo herself with the Honeybun hotties.She is the only woman who can make me go head over heels for a redheaded man! Truth be told every time I read one of her Honeybun stories I'm a little nervous and I feel I put too much pressure on her. I have set up such high expectations for this author but with every book she releases she not only meets my expectations she exceeds them. The Honeybun stories provide me with a great love story some sexy scenes and some fantastic adventures. Every story has fabulous characters and always leaves me smiling. Clovis Honeybun is one amazing man and who can resist a dashing hero out to save the day and the damsel in distress. If you haven't read a Honeybun story yet you are missing out on some excellent entertainment because between these pages and this books predecessors you will find romance and adventure, family and familiarity, laughter and solemnity and above all an abundance of love!

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Sam Cheever said...

I'm humbled by your trust...and your openness to embrace not just one but 8 redheaded men. LOL Thanks so much for your continued support, Venus. I'm already gnawing my nails that I won't disappoint you with the eighth and final book in the series. Yikes! #:0)