Friday, October 23, 2015

Favourite Author Friday -- Hildie McQueen

I'm so excited to be introducing a new feature, where I will introduce some of my most favourite artists. Authors are my Rockstars and I go quite fangrrl!

Hildie McQueen's talent is matched only by her beautiful smile and inviting personality. So is so friendly and approachable that I forgot to be intimidated and instead felt as if I was chatting with a long-time friend. Along time friend who writes hella good hottie Scots stories!

So now let's get to know this wonderful woman a little better . . .

What song gets the most play on your IPod right now?
  I love music, but strangely when I write I need absolute silence so I put my headphone on and play very low nature sounds to cover up the sound of my hubby's television.
  However when I'm working on administrative things like responding to emails, updating Facebook or browsing on Pinterest, I have a play list of songs I bring up and listen to.  Right now the song that I bring up first every time is Florence and the Machines, Dog Days of Summer.  I love it, it's so different. 

Have you ever been pulled over by a cop?
            Interesting story.  My writer friend, Ciara Knight and I were driving from Birmingham to Atlanta.  We started talking about writing an erotic scene with a cop.  I sped through a construction zone on the interstate just as we were getting descriptive.  Blue lights in the rear view and we both looked at each other wide eyed.  The first thing I said was "please try not to picture him naked and don't laugh."  Wrong words.  I was so hard to keep straight faces, the cop, blond and blue eyed, of course, kept giving us strange looks.  Finally we admitted we were romance writers, and were plotting a cop story.  We left out the naughty parts, but I'm sure he figured it out by our fits of giggles.  That officer became my friend on Facebook and I often wonder if he reads our books to find his character.

What cheers you up?
            The perfect cheer me up is to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea.  It feels so luxurious to be home and comfy after spending too many days on the road or in the chair writing non-stop.  The cherry on top is for my little dogs to join me.

    A quick daily cheer me up is to take my little dogs for a walk.  They are so excited and always look as if it's the best time they ever had.  Makes me think that we should view life more like they do.  Appreciating the small things and living in the moment.  We can learn a great deal from our dogs.

What is your favourite book?
            I can open a J.R. Ward book and immediately become lost in the story.  Her latest book release and new series, The Bourbon Kinds kicked it out of the ball park for me, it's a beautifully written story, so that would probably qualify as my last book.  Until I read The Shadows and balled like a baby. 

So can although I say that although I love J.R. Ward, the one story that's stuck with me for a long time it will have to be Me before You by Jojo Moyes.

What is the longest you have gone without sleep?
            I'm ex military, so I've gone many days in a row without sleep.  Once after pulling guard duty, and being up almost 48 hours, I fell asleep standing up while in formation listening to my commander talk.  Thank God the soldiers on both sides of me kept me up.  LOL

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