Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Whatcha Wednesday -- My Boudoir Shoot

For this installment of Whatcha Wednesday it's a Whatcha Doing Wednesday and what I was doing was getting my sexy on!

If you follow me on Facebook you have no doubt seen my profile and cover photos. After seeing many acquaintances have their own boudoir photoshoots I found myself wondering if it were something I should do. I listen to all the women say how the experience made them feel, free and strong and that they would recommend it to their friends.

My biggest doubt was that not only am I very modest in my clothing choices; you are more likely to see me in a turtleneck or high collar than a boobie shirt. And I'm a curvy girl so I wanted to make sure whoever took my photos would make me feel comfortable during the process. I hit the internet and checked out a lot of photographers who do boudoir shots but no one really made me want to actually commit.

And then I was lucky enough to come across the website for I was intrigued right away. Her introduction describes her own experience from her personal boudoir session  and I felt as if she totally understood my worries. I contacted her right away and our interactions only confirmed I had definitely found the right photographer.

I honestly had no idea what to wear for my shoot and was so happy that Jen gave me some fantastic tips on what type of lingerie to buy. Thank goodness she did because my undergarments mainly consist of colourful cotton prints of kittens, snowflakes, penguins and puppies, comfortable but definitely not classy or sexy. So with Jen's guidance and some help from a wonderful friend who knew just where to purchase these items I was off to the races.

So I trolled the internet and ordered some over the top (for me) sexy lingerie, but Jen was able to schedule me in sooner than I realised and I didn't want to waste time waiting for the delivery, so I hit the internet again and found the perfect peachy pink confection. I called the local retailer and asked them to hold it for me and on the way home from work I stopped in and tried it on. I felt like so uncomfortable first asking for it and especially walking to the change room to try it on. There were two older gentlemen sitting in the change area, obviously shopping with the ladies in their life but as I walked by with my transparent garment they gave me judgemental looks and I scampered into the change room feeling like the whore of Babylon. I quickly tried it on and quickly removed it.

As I walked past the gentlemen the both made tsking noises and shook their heads. The cashier told me there were lovely matching panties and asked if I wanted them. I nodded yes and just wanted to leave but she was very pleasant and said someone's husband was going to be very happy. Even though I wanted to get out of their I found myself explaining that it was for a boudoir shoot. I paid and then left still feeling rather foolish.

When I got home my sister wanted to see it so I showed her. I felt crushed when she shook her head. "It's too big. You need a smaller size." I told her it was fine and she said no it wasn't and that she would come with me on the weekend to get outfits that actually fit. When I went shopping with her I still felt embarrassed until I tried on an assortment of bras and baby dolls and found myself preening a little in the mirror. It's not often I even crack a smile while shopping for any type of clothing so this was a nice surprise. I also wondered what the man in my life would think about the pictures, but it was truly a fleeting thought as I selfishly kept thinking of myself.

So now the countdown was on and I could hardly wait for my Sunday afternoon photoshoot. When the day arrived I couldn't eat I was so excited and nervous. It was a gorgeous day and the weather was summer-like for April. So I drove to Stratford for my location a lovely Bed and Breakfast called Hatfield House

It was an absolutely lovely location. Jen made me feel so comfortable from the second I stepped out of my car. I couldn't help but fall in love with the beautiful building from how it looked from the outside but once I stepped inside I couldn't believe how lovely it was. A quick trip up some old-fashioned stairs and I was in the wonderful attic suite. I was introduced to the wonderful Erica who was there for my hair and make-up, an experience I've never had. She was fantastic so I highly recommend her. I felt sorry for her as I am sure I reacted like a child trying to keep my face and head where she wanted it. And while I rarely wear makeup I was stunned by the end result.

Next I found myself in the bathroom changing into my first outfit and while I was nervous as soon as the session started I found myself relaxing. Jen made me comfortable. She was patient and I didn't do anything that I felt uncomfortable doing. I soon found myself even more relaxed and by the final outfit change I was so comfortable I felt as if I wasn't sitting around practically nude. Things were sometimes odd but it was full of laughter and I had a fun time.

I felt beautiful. But I still felt like me.

Soon I got my photos and I couldn't believe it. Jen did an amazing job. They were me. But they were a classy, sexy version of me. I loved that she didn't go crazy and airbrush them. I can't recommend this highly enough to anyone. It was a great gift to myself and I'm so happy I did it.

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