Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review -- Only in Novels by Laura Briggs

Only in Novels by Laura Briggs

Laura Briggs gives her readers a fun and adventuresome inspirational romance. Dex is a wonderful hero and I love how he embraces life. He touched my heart with his sensitivity and generosity. Nobody is perfect but this dashing hero comes as close as possible. It took me a little bit to warm up to Lannie because of her literary snobbery. I enjoyed when her last ditch effort to turn sales around backfires. She has engaged Ms. Modern Homemaker for a book signing event and instead a leather-clad fiction novelist shows up. I found her condescending and a trifle arrogant, but who am I to judge? I appreciated how a slight mix up could cause such a snowball of events to occur and I enjoyed watching every moment unfold. Dex has ideas to boost her profits and it was great to watch these two opposites find common ground in business and pleasure. The supporting characters were well written and entertaining and I'd like to see some of them make another appearance, perhaps even a starring role in their own adventure. The plot was refreshing, the pace was good and I hated to see the story come to an end. I cannot wait to see what else this author has to offer. This was a sweet story that I can see myself reading again and again.

When a simple mistake lands bookstore owner Lannie Maxwell with the wrong author for her book signing, she wonders if her tiny business is destined to fail. Instead of Ms. Modern Homemaker-an author sure to multiply the bookstore's gross revenue-Lannie finds herself stuck with D.E. Hensen, an unorthodox and infuriating adventure novelist. The dashing D.E. is determined to help Lannie rescue her struggling business, but his outlandish ideas threaten to turn her world upside down. Can the two put aside their differences to save the store-and find their own version of happily-ever-after?

5 out of 5

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