Monday, March 7, 2011

Review -- Ordering Olivia by Allie Standifer

Ordering Olivia (Book 1 in Club Botticelli series) by Allie Standifer

Allie Standifer provides her readers with a real heroine for real-sized readers. Much like the fantastic Club Botticelli this story allows readers to witness the heroine relaxing, being herself and finding that someone special to share their lives with. It's no secret that I love curvy girls and Olivia is a curvy girl who knows exactly what she wants. I love that never once is her double-digit size mentioned in any negative way. She is a woman with strengths and flaws but she and her friends never dwell on their size. Ethan is a daydream worthy hero. He comes across as so raw, so real and I enjoyed watching the detailed portrayal of his actions and reactions. The almost fairy tale quality of their meeting won me over; I'm a sucker for fate. The fast pace made the whirlwind relationship breathtaking yet believable. I cannot wait to read the adventures of Olivia's diverse friends, if their encounters are only half as thrilling as this heroine's then the readers wont be the only women with huge smiles on their faces.

Not willing to sacrifice her life in exchange her supermodel career, Olivia Paisley shakes her world up. Club Botticelli is born out of her desire to offer a fun and sexy nightclub to women not of the size two persuasions. To her delight and the skeptics shock Club B is a huge success and finally Olivia manages to find a little bit of peace for her world. She's got her friends, her club and plenty of batteries, what else could a woman want?

Play or Pay: a game created to force Olivia and her friends from becoming stagnant in their lives. As Olivia's turn approaches there's only one man she can think to play with. The dark and handsome stranger she keeps running into.

Ethan's finally found a woman to match his every appetite. Olivia's beautiful, successful and even if her friends scare him, he's determined to make her his. Until he learns the truth about their night together.

Is Ethan willing to put everything on the line, including his heart and soul, in order to convince Olivia he's the only man for her? Can Olivia open herself up enough to give Ethan a second chance?

5 out of 5


Allie Standifer said...

Thanks for the great review! I confess my Club B ladies are pretty much hands down favorites with me. As I finish up Recee's story I hate to see them go. Who knows maybe we haven't seen the last of these funny, dangerous & sexy women :)

VenusBookluvr said...

I love your Club B ladies :-)
And I sure hope to see more from them in the near future.