Thursday, March 17, 2011

Review -- My Wicked Fairy Stepmother by Maddie Esposito

My Wicked Fairy Stepmother by Maddie Esposito

Maddie Esposito gives her readers a fun YA story. Sierra Anthony thinks her father is playing a cruel joke when he brings home Morgan, an ex-model he met on his singles cruise. Then he announces she's moving in right away and they are getting married. Suddenly her dad, twin sister and baby brother are acting like strangers and Sierra knows that her stepmother is responsible. Now Sierra's emotions are in turmoil as she's dealing with a blonde bimbo who isn't your regular malevolent mom-to-be and a hot potential boyfriend. I loved the twist on the wicked stepmother theme and the fantasy aspects of the plot were fantastic. The author did a fabulous job with her tone, completely capturing the attitude of a fifteen year-old girl. All the supporting characters are wonderful. What young woman wouldn't fall in love with Carter 's curls and sunshiny vibes? Sierra is a strong lead, especially when facing some seriously weird happenings, she kept her composure and her humor. There was surprisingly raw language for a young adult novel although as an older reader I found it amusing. I'd like to see what other adventures the Anthony siblings get up to. I think this is a great addition to any YA lover's bookshelf.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your horrible, awful, wicked-stepmother filled life! I was positive Dad was playing a sick joke on me and my sister and little brother. What kind of guy seriously brings home a blonde bimbo he met on a singles cruise to play mommy to his three kids? My dad, evidently. And not only did he ask her to live with us, but he says he's going to marry her. Over my dead body. Seriously. It might be Over. My. Dead. Body. Because Morgan isn't good people. There's something more sinister going on in my house than your average stepmotherly wickedness. Morgan's got evil plans for my family, and she's not going to let me get in her way, even if it means making sure there's one fewer Anthony living in her happy home.

4 out of 5

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