Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review -- Bayou Heat by Georgia Tribell

Bayou Heat by Georgia Tribell

Georgia Tribell pens an appealingly suspenseful novel that I thoroughly enjoyed. The added paranormal touch enhanced the well-written storyline while still leaving the novel realistic. Strong characterization is key in this novel. The large supporting cast could have been a hindrance but instead increased the development of the romantic relationship as well as the intensity of the mystery. Eris is such a strong woman who is usually self reliant but through a situation not in her control she needs a bodyguard. Rob is hauntingly serious. He has issues and keeps women at a safe distance but before he knows it Eris and her quirky family sneak past his defences. A serial killer is hunting in New Orlean's French Quarter. Eris DuBose's friend and mentor was a victim. She plans to help the police find the killer using psychic abilities which let her find lost and stolen articles and people. Her cooperation has put her in the killer's line of fire so Rob Jackson is hired to protect her . Eris is determined to catch the killer and she can't wait to ditch her sexy bodyguard because he's cramping her vibe. Rob finds his client both beautiful and unusual. He has never had a problem before keeping his professional detachment and getting the job done but Eris brings out feelings he never thought he'd have. If they can catch a killer his dreams just might come true. The hero and heroine complement each other so well. They are opposites in so many ways and yet their commonalities balance them out. The love scenes are sensual and are used to move the story along rather than just as filler. This is such a romantic, adventurous , thrilling read. I can't wait until some of the supporting characters get their own stories, especially Nate whom I've already fallen in love with.

There’s a killer lurking in the shadows of the French Quarter and he’s already killed Eris’ friend and mentor. With her unique psychic gift, Eris can follow trails that have long grown cold for the police. But first she must ditch the sexy bodyguard hired to protect her because he’s cramping her style and messing with her concentration.

Rob has seen a lot of oddballs in his life, but nothing could prepare him for his latest assignment. Eris DuBose is as crazy as she is beautiful, and despite Rob’s best intentions to keep their relationship strictly business, he can’t resist the attraction burning between them. She manages to pull him into her crazy world and soon he finds himself dreaming of things he’d never considered possible. Now it’s going to take a miracle and a huge leap of faith on his part to make his dreams come true.

5 out of 5

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