Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review -- Mixed Blessings by Diane Amos

Mixed Blessings by Diane Amos

Diane Amos writes an enjoyable contemporary romance with lots of humor and a little mystery in this stand-alone sequel to "Getting Personal". As a pet lover myself I enjoyed the fact there was a foul-mouthed parrot, a dog with an appetite for leather and a cat in the story. These animals had quirky characteristics like the rest of the supporting cast in the novel. Jake is just fabulous. In fact I found him darn near perfect! How can you not fall in love with a sexy cop who wants to marry his curvy girlfriend. Although I rather liked the sassy heroine I'm not sure I'd want her for a best friend as I felt she really neglected Jeannine. I think the humor in this story often comes at the cost of some serious issues being glossed over. I did frequently chuckle out-loud but I was disappointed that the more grave content isn't fully explored. This should be a wonderful time in reporter Monique St. Cyr's life. Her sexy police officer boyfriend Jake Dube wants to marry her, but she's torn between family and career. She thinks she will have some quality time in the duplex she shares with her erotic fiction author mother who departs on a three-month honeymoon. The peace she craves doesn't come, first her deaf grandfather and meek Aunt move in next door and then her boyfriend's ex shows up and threatens to win him back. Her best friend is pregnant and Monique starts receiving threatening notes. All she wants to do is make life easier for her friends, her family and herself, so why does she end up in one near disaster after another? This was a solid contemporary novel with elements of mystery , humor and romance.

When Monique St. Cyr's mother, erotic fiction author Ann Marie, leaves on a three-month honeymoon, Monique is certain her life is about to improve: that is, until old-fashioned Aunt Lilly and deaf Gramps move into the duplex next door—boxes of her mother's ripped erotic books show up on Monique's doorstep with threatening notes—and her aunt and her best friend end up pregnant. While Monique struggles to balance her career and her romance with gorgeous cop, Jake Dube, his ex-fiancĂ©e announces she wants him back. Monique wages the battle of her life, sometimes with hilarious consequences, providing many laughs for readers of this romantic comedy.

3 out of 5

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