Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reviews -- Paws from the Gods by Lynn Dolan

Paws from the Gods by Lynn Dolan

Lynn Dolan gives her readers a fun and quick mythological read. I'm a fan of Greek gods and goddesses and the idea of having two come to earth as stray cats is cute. Tomas and Iris are sent by Zeus to help a lonely couple find one another; the catch -- they're stray cats. Veterinarian Steve cannot get Jenny off his mind. From the moment she brings her new pet in for a check-up the sexual attraction is undeniable. Ironically, the last thing Steve wants is a new woman after going through a messy divorce. Jenny has never felt this way about a man before. Can two interfering Greek gods set this couple on the path to true love? Jenny is a strong heroine and I loved the fact she was so messy. I'm sorry to say I didn 't really bond with Steve. There wasn't anything horribly wrong with him but I found it annoying that a vet would think it odd that his cat could understand him when he is talking to her. I loved Tomas and I have to say I found the arrogant god irresistible. I wish the novel was longer or that there were more scenes involving the deities. Iris is a complex goddess and it would have been nice to see more of her. Over all this was a spicy, speedy story.

What do you get when Zeus sends a battling God and Goddess to earth in the form of cats? A romantic good time in Paws from the Gods.

Jenny thought that she was simply doing a good deed when she took in a stray cat named Tomas. She had no idea that he was a God in disguise, sent to put her on the path to true love. After one disastrous marriage, the last thing Steve needs is another woman in his life, but once he meets her getting Jenny out of his mind is easier said than done. Tomas and the Goddess Iris have their work cut out for them. Can they can bring these two humans together, and what if they return to their real forms just in time to find out that Zeus had more than one pair of lovers in mind when he was match making?

3 out of 5

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