Thursday, April 7, 2011

Review -- Dead Ruby Slippers by Sandra Sookoo

Dead Ruby Slippers by Sandra Sookoo

This was a solid paranormal suspense read. When dancer Abigail Carlton, known to the world as Ruby Slippers, is found dead during a dinner party at her house, FBI Special Agent Quentin Banks is called in to solve her murder. Quentin also works for the Magical Enforcement League and this murder practically shouts supernatural. The case should be easy. After all, the suspects are still in the house. After a long night of interviews, will he discover what happened to the sexy starlet? Quentin is such a compelling hero and he doesn't just live for the job, he is the job. It was fun to watch him get distracted from the investigation by his personal feelings. I just loved Sarah every time she opened her mouth I cracked up. I'm a fan of non-comedic plus-sized characters and Jillian is a strong, interesting woman. The interaction between the suspects and the two FBI agents was delightful and clever. The world that was created in these pages is a place I look forward to visiting again. I enjoyed the mystery as it wasn't too easy to solve or too hard that it could not be figured out. This author holds a firm place on my must-read list. I highly recommend this satisfying novella.

Dancing may be hard…but no one expected it to be murder.

When sexy tap dancer Abigail Carlton, aka Ruby Slippers, is found dead and arranged in an artistic fashion on her coffee table it’s up to Special Agent Quentin Banks to solve her murder.

But nothing is ever as it seems. Not only is Quentin a FBI career man, he doubles as an officer for the Institute of Magical Instruction…and the dancer’s death has super natural energy written all over it.

Quentin must find who murdered Abigail and he only has24 hours to do it before it’s taken over by his superiors.

5 out of 5

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