Friday, April 8, 2011

Review -- Lady Luck by Sahara Kelly & S.L. Carpenter

Lady Luck by Sahara Kelly & S.L. Carpenter

Deal me in -- this story is the perfect balance of witty dialogue and sizzling sex scenes. Maggie French is a gambler who loves to win and her goal is the half million dollar grand prize in the poker championship. Deuce Whiley fully expects to walk away the victor, what he doesn't expect is to get involved with fellow card shark Maggie. Can these two gamblers win at the game of love? Maggie is so easy to relate to, I love her spunkiness. Deuce is the perfect hero; a hottie with a sense of humor and a clumsy streak so that he's not too perfect. I never stopped chuckling even when I was fanning myself which was a good thing!! Anyone who can keep the passion burning hot while mentioning an enchilada fart is an artist if you ask me. This writing duo is now on my must-read list and I can't wait for their next book. I highly recommend this one.

Deuce Whiley and Maggie French each have a passion for poker and losing isn’t an option. So when something hot and sexy explodes between them, they go all in…staking more than chips on nights of wildly sensual pleasure at the Last Resort poker championship. When it comes to cards, they’re equally matched. When it comes to erotic adventures…well, they’re about even on that too. Of course, there’s a tournament to be played. And neither Deuce nor Maggie can anticipate the ultimate intervention of Lady Luck.

5 out of 5

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