Monday, April 11, 2011

Review -- Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of a Honeybun by Sam Cheever

Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of a Honeybun by Sam Cheever

I thoroughly enjoyed this witty, romantic, electrifying read. Federal Agent Alfric Honeybun thought Pleasance Roberts was working with a group of terrorists. He quickly comes to a different conclusion when said guerrillas try to kill the mocha skinned, blue-eyed beauty. Pleasance is an artist and is devastated to find out that her wealthy French client has been using her talent to communicate with his associates. Now she finds herself working with Alfric and his resourceful family in order to figure out the terrorists' target and stop whatever is planned before disaster strikes. The artist and the sexy law enforcement officer are on the run from the killers and neither one knows what provides more danger; the threat to their lives or the threat to their hearts. Don't let the cute title fool you. This is one thrilling, adventurous read. This story has everything you could want all in one place, adventure and romance, comedy and seriousness, spies and terrorists and an adorable furry companion. This was romantic and real; playful and
penetrating. This was a fabulous suspense full of likable characters. Pleasance is a fantastic heroine who ends up way over her head by simply doing her job. I feel like I could just as easily have ended up in that situation. Alfric is almost perfect. I've never really liked red-headed men but this hottie has me changing my mind. I love his wry humor and his calmness during the most hectic situations. They are wonderfully suited to one another. The pace of this book was fantastic and the adventure grabbed my attention from the start. I began reading before bed and was loathe to put the book down, finally, blurry vision forced me to retire for the night. I picked right back up again as soon as I opened my eyes, not even rolling out of bed. I'd love to see what else this eclectic family can get up to. Wow but those Honeybuns are fine specimens, where can I find one for myself? I will definitely be adding this author to my must-read list.

Artist Pleasance Roberts had no idea that her client was a French terrorist, or that he'd used her talents to kill people. But when a certain, sexy, Federal Agent set his sights on her, she realized nothing was what it seemed. Suddenly she wasn't sure who was more dangerous to her well being; her sneaky client, or the uber sexy agent with dark red hair and a funny name, who held serious claim to her body and threatened to walk away with her heart.

Alfric Honeybun thought the lady with the lovely mocha latte skin and startling blue eyes was working with the terrorists. But when those same terrorists tried to kill both of them, Alfric found himself spending a LOT of time with the pretty artist. He'd had no intention of falling in love. But his body wasn't taking direction from his brain. And things were heating up pretty fast.

5 out of 5

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