Sunday, November 6, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday -- Valentine's Kiss

For today's Six Sentence Sunday I have decided to indulge myself and use an excerpt from my published short story:

I felt slightly uncomfortable. Earlier today I’d been chatting with Stephanie, our customer service representative when standing at the fax machine and he came around the corner. I saw Jack standing by my cubicle. He actually took my breath away. He was wearing a peach dress shirt and he crooked his finger beckoning me to come to him. A quick flash of heat coursed through my body making my breasts ache and pooling in my lower abdomen.

The complete story can be found here:

Love Tells All - Valentine's Day Anthology

A collection of romantic stories set around Valentine's Day.


gemma parkes said...

Mmm! l know that feeling!

Sherry Gloag said...

Great description 'he crooked his finger and..' ;-)

Carly Fall said...

Great description!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Venus! I love the six! I hope you're having a great Sunday!

Christine Warner said...

Now there's some attraction...and the crooked finger part...I can visualize it! Nice 6

Rawiya said...

I love that antho Venus.

Fab 6

SLira aka BLMorticia

Anonymous said...

Very nice six! I am curious as to what he's going to say or do at her cubicle. lol