Sunday, March 25, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Well, again today I've decided to share a little more of my WIP Dad the Bounty Hunter. I'm so enjoying writing this one!

Her soft moans of pleasure woke Jack early the next morning, and while he knew he wasn’t dreaming he still felt the need to pinch himself to make sure this was indeed reality. During the night they had come together and he found himself with an armful of luscious curves. The soft bottom she kept wiggling up against him was as much a temptation as the warm breast he had wrapped in his hand. This was definitely the way to wake up every morning. He felt like a teen again when she once more shifted and managed to press herself more tightly to him while pushing her impressive cleavage more firmly into his grasp. He felt himself harden painfully from more than just the normal morning routine.


Author Cyril J. Michael said...

This has me hooked. Can't wait to read it!

Jp Archer said...

AWESOME!First that is my favorite way to sleep with a man. There is something so secure and sexy when they hold your breast while you sleep. Great descriptions! And some moring nookie to boot! Good job! Thanks for sharing.

Gayle said...

He'll have a big grin on his face all day, now. lol