Saturday, May 5, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Well, again today I've decided to share a little more of my WIP Dad the Bounty Hunter.
I hope you enjoy reading these snippets as much as I've been enjoying writing this one!

He watched her perform her magic and the usually hard women softened under her attention. He watched with a mixture of pride and annoyance as she seemed to win over most of the woman but his heart almost stopped beating when he watched an angry man approach the crowded table where she held court. The young punk grabbed the arm of a petite blonde and then kicked at the chair leg under his lovely imposter. She never flinched, she simply looked up at the outraged man and said something Jack couldn’t make out. He wished now he hadn’t let her veto the wire, then he’d be able to hear the conversation. His first instinct was to protect his woman but they’d put in too much time and effort to blow the case now.


gemma parkes said...

Tense, this sounds like a great read.

Eden Connor said...

Bounty-hunters, that's an intriguing plot line, hope you'll share more. Great six, Venus ;-)