Saturday, May 12, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Well, again today I've decided to share a little more of my WIP Dad the Bounty Hunter.
I hope you enjoy reading these snippets as much as I've been enjoying writing this one!

Apparently making a guest appearance on some bounty hunting reality television show was pretty lucrative for this local businessman. He’d turned the popularity of the other show into a profit for himself with merchandise and personal appearances including classes and seminars. It also looked like he was acting as a spokesperson for a security specialty supply store. The more I read the more disgusted I became; I’m not sure when this guy found time to actually apprehend criminals. After doing some more research I found a few brief mentions about some charitable involvement and a few paragraphs in the crime sections of local papers proving he must find a way to capture criminals or hire a good team of professionals. I looked up the address and mapped out my quickest route and headed off to confront the shyster who took advantage of my father.


S. J. Maylee said...

Shyster, love it. Where do they find the time? Looking forward to their confrontation.

Veronica Scott said...

Why do I suspect this may not all turn out the way the narrator expects? Very intriguing six!