Monday, May 28, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday

Welcome to this week's Tantalizing Tuesday where we pick any picture that captures our fancy and write no more and no less than 200 words!

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There was nothing more frustrating than not being able to find a chunk of work that you'd completed earlier. I mean really my creative juices had been working overtime and while the idea hadn't disappeared all of the fantastic words I had come up with had. That's what I get for writing on scrap paper wherever and whenever my Muse strikes me. She was a bit of a fickle bitch and I don't know why I let her take so much control.

Add in that imp Disorganization and the devil Procrastination and it's amazing I get anything completed at all.

My flights of fantasy made me chuckle. It was a good thing I amused myself because nothing else these days did. I found myself mired under by the mundane of having to be normal and control my whimsical urges. Would the world really fall apart if I simply followed my heart instead of droning on and on?

I was meant to be a beautiful butterfly not a dreaded worker bee. I was meant to flutter from flower to flower whenever the fancy took me not work myself to an early grave because some greedy queen wanted everything done her way.


diannehartsock said...

Yep, day jobs suck all around. Fun snippet, though! Can't tell you how many scraps of paper I've lost and mourned over.

Lee Brazil said...

This is fabulous! Love it!

Molly Synthia said...

Just delightfully introspective and strangely hopeful while bitter. I loved it!

Angelica Dawson said...

I hate when I can't find something!! I also hate when I have excellent ideas in dreams and can't write them down properly. You nailed both.

gemma parkes said...

Wow, we all know that feeling! Beautifully written post, flowed to perfection!

ER Pierce said...

Molly said exactly how I feel :) Great flash Venus. Always try and follow your heart =) <3

Muffy Wilson said...

Wonderful! I laughed thru my tears, thinking "Oh, God! Been there, done that!!":) xo

Author Cyril J. Michael said...

Oh no! I know that feeling.

Don Abdul said...

A fantastic teaser that plays on all sorts of emotions. Great job.

Leann Mitchell said...

I loved your teaser! I think everyone could definitely relate. Very well written.

vampiremorbius said...

Love it. very humourous just what I needed.

Naomi said...

To lose something you've worked on is utterly infuriating. And to have to compromise your dreams in order to please others is maddening. Great teaser