Sunday, June 10, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Well, again today I've decided to share a little more of my WIP Dad the Bounty Hunter.
I hope you enjoy reading these snippets as much as I've been enjoying writing this one! Keep in mind this is rough draft material :-)

My first priority was to locate my father and bring him back to my mother safe and sound but as soon as that was accomplished I planned to help these women. I wasn’t sure how I could go about it but I knew Jack would point me in the right direction. He was such a good man. The girls all loved him and they made no secret he’d be quite welcome to a freebie if he so desired. The way he handled himself was amazing. He turned the ladies down politely and managed to save their dignity by not insulting them.

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S. J. Maylee said...

This Jack sounds like a special man. Looking forward to the next 6 for sure.