Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review -- Ride The Savage Land by Larry Payne

Title: Ride The Savage Land

Author: Larry Payne

Genre:  Western Novella

Published: Published February 2013 by Wild Child Publishing

Rating: 4 out of 5 star

About the book:

When a Comanche raiding party abducts his wife, Jake Hollister unpins his star and ventures out on a quest to find his beloved Suzanne. Now, six years later, the same fate has befallen his close friend John Henry Parker's wife, Sarah.

Agreeing to ride together until Sarah is found, Jake and John Henry enlist the aid of an ex-buffalo soldier, Zachariah Benson. They follow a trail of death and destruction until a Comanche war party forces them to return home to recover from wounds.

Their relentless search resumes when Jake visits an old friend, Charlie Bold Eagle, and persuades the Indian tracker to help them. A chance encounter with Lou Garvey, an Indian trader, soon brings them face to face with the feared Comanche War Chief, White Buffalo.


If you are looking to be transported back in time to the American Old West then this is the novella for you. It is a classic story for a new generation, where loyalty and integrity are romanticized and good versus evil is at the heart of the story. Jake Hollister is a solitary character due to unfortunate circumstances and I found myself drawn to his sorrow but puzzled by him. I understood what happened to his wife but I wanted to glimpse deeper into his feelings and his actions. This story is not for the faint of heart and I will admit to finding it a tad violent for my tastes but it gets the point across as to how urgent it is that Sarah be found. Sarah is a fabulous character and whether it was the fact that she was the only female lead I found I had a great connection to her. She was strong and determined and I wanted her to survive. If classic westerns are your choice when it comes to reading then  this is a definite must read because the details fairly jump of the page and I could practically feel the dust from the trails tickling my eyes and nose.

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