Friday, October 2, 2015

Favourite Author Friday -- Nina Pierce

I'm so excited to be introducing a new feature, where I will introduce some of my most favourite artists. Authors are my Rockstars and I go quite fangrrl!

Please help me welcome Nina Pierce, an author well worth reading, if you've not read her works yet do yourself a huge favour and pick up one of her books. You will not be sorry.

So without further ado . . .

Are you usually late, early or right on time?
Early. I’m one of those people who hates walking in late to anything, a movie, a doctor’s appointment, a friend’s dinner. When I go to a party, it takes all my effort to make sure I don’t get there 15 minutes early. LOL! That fashionably late thing is REALLY hard on me!

Have you ever been pulled over by a cop?
It hasn’t happened very often, but once I got caught with an orthodontist’s appointment running late with one of my younger elementary age kids and couldn’t get home for the oldest before she got home from school to an empty house. Of course this was waaay before cellphones. When the officer heard my story and saw how upset I was, he wrote up a quick warning and told me to drive home at the speed limit. Nice guy. :~)

What is your perfect pizza?
I absolutely love a grilled chicken/bacon/diced tomato pizza with garlic alfredo sauce. YUM!!! Luckily for me, Mr. Nina is an amazing cook and he makes homemade pizza every Sunday. It’s been a tradition almost from the first year we were married. Yes, be jealous. Very jealous!

What is your favourite book?
It has to be “The Thorn Birds” by Colleen McCullough. You see I didn’t cut my teeth on the usual teenage romances. Nope. I dove in heart first when I was 13 with Meggie Cleary, the Australian Outback, and her forbidden love of a priest. It hooked me forever on romance. And since that time I’ve read many, many stories where the characters have stayed with me for a very long time. But a gal never forgets her first romance hero. ;~)

Nina’s newest release, UNCONTROLLED BURN, is a paranormal romantic suspense and is found exclusively in the INTO THE FLAMES anthology.

Blurb for Uncontrolled Burn

A woman forced to live a life she didn’t choose. A vampire bound by honor to protect humans. A deadly game of revenge that threatens both their lives …

Thirty years ago, a horrendous attack thrust Chemistry professor, ALEXANDRA FLANAGAN into the secret world of vampires. Saved by the blood of an ancient vampire, she unhappily walks among immortals. Now, deadly fires in her quaint town have brought her to the attention of REESE COLTON and his elite RISEN team. Undercover as a firefighter, Reese has been called in to flush out and eliminate the rogue vampire burying a string of murders in the ashes of deadly fires.
With the body count climbing and the number of fires escalating, the evidence pointing to Alex is piling high. Discovering the identity of the vicious vampire hell-bent on revenge may be the easy part of Reese’s job. But bringing a murderer to justice could mean the difference between honoring his duty—and losing his heart.


Firefighters. The word ignites bold images of heroes in dust covered helmets and ash stained turnouts who defy the odds and press on in the presence of danger.

Men of Valor. A dedicated brotherhood of first responders whose honor, strength, and courage overcome obstacles to save lives.

Into The Flames. Seven NYT, USA Today, bestselling and award-winning authors offer romantic suspense, contemporary, historical, and paranormal tales of tough, iconic heroes who risk it all for their communities—but at the end of the day, seek the tender embrace of the women they love.

Rescue Me by NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author N.J. Walters
When firefighter Frank Ellis rescues an old flame from a burning building, sparks ignite. He’ll do anything to protect her, even if it means she discovers he’s a mythical phoenix.

Flashpoint by Award-Winning Author Desiree Holt
...When everything explodes

Where There's Smoke by Award-Winning Author Cindy Spencer Pape
Firefighting in the 1920's is dangerous business, but so is falling in love.

FireBrew by Amazon Bestselling Author Liz Crowe
Fate throws them together. But the horrific memory of a fiery disaster could tear them apart. 

Hook Me Up by Bestselling and Award-Winning Author Adele Downs
Firemen don't free cats from trees anymore—until a pretty schoolteacher gets trapped on a limb with her kitten and the county's hottest firefighter comes to their rescue.

Slow Burner by USA Today Bestselling Author Sam Cheever
A love that burns slowly burns longest, creating the greatest heat.

Uncontrolled Burn: A RISEN Team Novel by USA Today Bestselling Author Nina Pierce
A woman forced to live a life she didn’t choose. A vampire bound by honor to protect humans. A deadly game of revenge that threatens both their lives …



Even though it’s been 10 years since USA Today bestselling author, Nina Pierce, first put fingers to keyboard, it still amazes her that she hasn’t written all the stories swirling around in her head. But then again—the woman is never at a loss for words! A former science teacher, she now spends her days making stuff up, killing off imaginary people (who may or may not look a lot like her nasty neighbors) and finding her characters their perfect soul mate. Married to her high school sweetheart of thirty-something years, Nina believes everyone deserves a little sexy romance in their life!

Nina enjoys hearing from her readers. You can reach her at You can also keep up with all her newest releases on her website ( or by following her on Facebook ( or twitter @NinaPierce.

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