Monday, September 10, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser

Welcome to this week's Tantalizing Tuesday where we pick any picture that captures our fancy and write no more and no less than 200 words!
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As everyone filed out, Drew didn’t move. I wasn’t sure what to say to him, after all his hand was almost down my panties during the meeting. “Sorry you got roped into this project.”
“No problem. I’m looking forward to working on it.”
He still hadn’t looked at me.
“Well, about dinner tonight . . .” Before I could say anything more he jumped in. “Actually I’m not sure that’s such a good idea with us working together. I didn’t mean to lead you on.”
It was my turn to cut him off. “Oh it’s definitely not a good idea! What I was trying to tell you is I don’t think my boyfriend would like it.” I flashed him a smile, gathered up my papers and quickly exited.
I shut the door and laughed hysterically. My boyfriend that was funny. And would he be the teddy bear I slept with?
What had gotten in to me? I couldn’t believe I’d let Drew feel me up under the boardroom table, then I’d yelled at my boss in front of the President and CEO of the company. And now here I was making up non-existent boyfriends.
Could the day get any crazier?
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Cg Brumby said...

That was a different tease - unexpected too! I felt the humour and naughtiness in your character. Leaves me wondering why would so do that? Loved the teddy bear/boyfriend reference. That was classic. :)

gemma parkes said...

Not sure l like that man! Great little story though and the teddy is well worth loving.

Naomi said...

Love this tease. Naughty Drew. I have a feeling he will make her day very happy